Indoor Environment and Risk Management Services

Opira is your key provider of indoor environmental testing and management services, specialising in indoor air quality, critical environments and occupational hygiene in the workplace.

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Qualified Scientists and Risk Management Specialists

Opira’s team of qualified scientists and technicians provide a range of indoor
environmental testing and risk management services for commercial buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, universities and special use facilities such as food production, pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratory environments. Customers that are familiar with Opira’s consulting services also feel confident in the hands of our product sales division – knowing they are purchasing high-quality equipment from reputable global brands.


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Have you considered installing Ultra Violet?

Have you considered installing Ultra Violet?

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Opira not only offers the highest quality UVC solutions for air purification and odour control, we also have specialists on hand to correctly install UV lights for the best performance. 

Installing UV lights in your rooms or HVAC system can reduce or prevent microorganisms from travelling through the air within you building.

The Importance of Clean Air in the Workplace

The Importance of Clean Air in the Workplace

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In all workplaces, staff, customers and visitors to the building should reasonably expect to be breathing clean air. Unfortunately though, that isn’t the case, with many buildings across the country suffering from poor indoor air quality (IAQ).
How to save the Environment

How to save the Environment

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With an ever-increasing risk of nuclear, biological, pharmaceutical, and chemical airborne hazards to the environment, Opira have Partnered with AAF Flanders to provide the state of the art engineered HEPA and HEGA Box Containment Units for high risk applications.