Indoor air quality construction controls for hospitals

Fungal spores, while harmless to most, can lead to serious morbidity and mortality in immune suppressed populations.

Adequate planning prior to the construction phase and assessment of the risks and contaminant control measures is crucial as patients have poor immune systems, making them particularly vulnerable to airborne particle contaminants. These risks are also very real for healthcare workers and visitors.

Opira will work alongside your infection control staff and those designing, managing and constructing the project within the health care facilities to identify strategies necessary to eliminate this type of contamination.

Contaminant control strategies selected for use during construction and renovation depend on several factors: project size, type and potential amount of contaminants, building occupancy characteristics and consequences of occupant and equipment exposure. Opira is committed to assisting its clients to implement control strategies including a complete range of environmental monitoring services. Should you require further information or have any queries with regard to the above information please contact us.