Biobase Pathology Workstation



Biobase’s pathology sampling bench is widely used in hospital pathology departments, pathology laboratories, etc. The ventilation system protects operators from gas produced by the formalin during sampling. The hot and cold water system ensures it can adapt work in different climates.

The Biobase range of pathology workstations feature:

  • Designed and manufactured to comply with AS 2252.6-2011 Controlled environments Clean workstations - Design, installation and use
  • Adaptable louver suction inlet - ensures above blower suction and avoids air back-streaming
  • Automatic flusing device, slightly right-side sloped worktable for easy waste discharge and cleaning
  • Odour-removing function
  • Single water sink, two-person operation
  • Exhaust air system: High-power suction device, low noise
  • Optional water heater is available for hot & cold water adjustment.

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