Climet Microbial Samplers

Title: ci-90


Climet Microbial Samplers

Aseptic environments used in the manufacture of sterile products must be monitored in accordance with regulatory standards.

This series of airborne microbial samplers are engineered and manufactured with only the highest quality materials to ensure long product life-cycles and decades of reliable use.

Climet microbial air samplers are the first, and today, the only impaction sampler designed and engineered to meet all iso 14698-1, gmp annex 1, pharmaceutical standards and recommendations. These include a stainless steel enclosure, aluminum or stainless steel sample heads, a patented hepa filtered internal exhaust, validated flow control with a flow rate alarm, physical and biological efficiency tested, and more. Climet’s microbial samplers are serious instruments for those who are serious about cleanroom environmental monitoring.

Return on investment

When considering the cost of microbial samplers be sure to take into account the cost of callibrations, consumables, product life-cycle and potential out-of-warranty repairs. Lesser instruments may have a lower initial purchase price but more often fail to maintain that cost advantage across the longer term, becoming not only unreliable but expensive.

With Climet Microbial Samplers you are assured of reliability, accuracy, application support across it’s lifetime, and superior customer service.

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