Operating Theatre Testing Special - Be In Quick!

Are your patients at risk?

Manage risk and increase patient safety by regularly testing your operating theatre performance.


  • Do you have ‘dirty areas’ at a higher pressure to clean areas?

  • Are your air change rates up to 50% less than the original commissioned values?

  • What is your baseline airborne particle numbers?

Are you aware of how your operating theatre performs against its design intention?

At Opira, we assess your operating theatre by measuring the air quality parameters within your operating suite, to improve performance and lower the risk of poor air quality over the operating table.


Controlled Environments

The parameters we measure are: 

  • Air change rates

  • Pressure differentials between clean and dirty areas

  • Particle counts

  • Air velocity and flow characteristics

  • HEPA filter validation


Hospital Engineers should create a testing and maintenance schedule to maintain the cleanliness of air within their operating theatres.

If you are not testing the above parameters and only testing HEPA filters each year, then how do you know that it’s safe to operate?


"SAFE TO OPERATE" Special - Limited Time Only!

The Opira Operating Theatre Air Quality Monitoring Program has 2 main objectives:

  1. To provide you with a document that shows your theatres are performing to their design ability. This gives you peace of mind.
  2. Or conversely, the measured data may in fact indicate that certain performance requirements fall well below the initial design criteria. The opportunity then exists to rectify these issues and reduce associated risks.

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