Ecosash energy and money saving fume cupboard solution


Huge Energy Savings in your Lab

Reduce high energy costs in your laboratory.
EcoSash fume hoods = sustainable energy savings

EcoSash® is an innovative device from TPE that dramatically improves the energy saving capability of a variable air volume (VAV) fume cupboard.


A VAV system reduces the exhaust of conditioned air through the fume cupboard at lower sash heights; however, the energy saving benefit accrues only if the operator remembers to lower the sash.

The Ecosash has been designed to reduce unnecessary energy loss in laboratories where VAV fume cupboards are operating. This is done by means of automatically closing the fume cupboard door when the operator is not present. Ingeniously, EcoSash 'remembers' to lower the sash door after a pre-set period of inactivity at the fume cupboard. This in turn restricts the amount of conditioned air being extracted out of the laboratory and enhances laboratory safety by always keeping the sash down when practical.

For example, if ten sashes could be lowered to the closed position for 40% of any eight hour period, you will achieve significant savings of over 70% in air volume.

The EcoSash® technology has been proven to save your lab $1,000’s in energy costs every year.


Fume cupboard energy saving solution

Open fume cupboards consume high amounts of energy. The EcoSash is designed to automatically lower the fume cupboard sash when not in use.

  • Easily fitted to most brands of existing fume cupboards.
  • Reduces the air flow. Saves Energy. Saves you money.
  • Improves fume containment, which enhances operator and laboratory safety.
  • Built in safety sensor.
  • Can sense obstructions and prevent accidents.
  • Opira will install it for you.
  • User friendly.
  • Reduces the facilities energy costs.

Be one of the first to adopt this revolutionary new technology, to save your lab money and contribute to a more sustainable future.

EcoSash Controller