Greenstar / NABERS



NABERS (National Australian Built Environmental Ratings System)
is a rating system that benchmarks the environmental and operational performance of a building. 

A NABERS rating allows building owners to compare the performance of their building and confidently communicate their performance publicly.

NABERS assesses:

  • Indoor air quality (ventilation and levels of pollutants)
  • Thermal comfort (humidity, temperature and air speed)
  • Office layout (walls, furniture and equipment)
  • Acoustic comfort (noise levels)
  • Maintenance and cleaning of systems
  • Lighting

Opira specialize in testing your indoor air environment, in compliance with NABERS requirements.


Green Star

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has developed an environmental rating for buildings called the Green Star rating system.

Green Star measures and promotes sustainability within Australia's built environment by assessing practices for reducing the environmental impact of buildings.

Green Star rates buildings in relation to its management, the health and wellbeing of its occupants, accessibility to public transport, water use, energy consumption, the embodied energy of its materials, land use and pollution.

Green Star ratings:

  • 4 Star = 'Best Practice'
  • 5 Star = 'Australian Excellence'
  • 6 Star = 'World Leadership'