Hazardous Chemicals



Hazardous chemicals can be solid, liquid or a vapour and enter the body by being inhaled into the lungs, absorbed through the skin or ingested through the mouth. The effect of a hazardous chemical will depend on its toxicity and the extent and duration of the exposure.

Hazardous chemicals are substances, mixtures and articles that can pose a significant risk to health and safety if not managed correctly. They may cause health hazards, physical hazards or both.

The aim of the hazardous chemical site inspection is to provide a hazardous chemical management plan that meets the requirements of the relevant occupational health and safety legislation for the relevant state.

The management plan is to complement the onsite register and includes processes for hazard identification and control, risk assessment, site safety rules, training, responsibilities and emergency preparedness.

Opira can also review the existing hazardous chemical management in your workplace and provide guidance on improving levels of compliance.

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