Horizontal laminar air flow cabinets

Opira recommends the Telstar horizontal range of Laminar Flow Cabinets

This series of horizontal laminar flow cabinets deliver clean laminar airflows over working surfaces. The range includes vertical, horizontal and mini options.

Read on to explore the range, or contact Opira to learn more about the Telstar series of Laminar Flow Cabinets.

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Telstar H-100 Horizontal Laminar Flow Benches

Telstar H-100 Horizontal Laminar Flow Benches

Class 10 as defined by US Fed Std 209 and BS 5292

The H-100 models are wide and high working spaces that are continuously flushed frontward by a particle free HEPA filtered, laminar airflow. The frontward flow speed prevents contamination from the operator and the lab environment. The laminarity of the flow prevents cross contamination between items handled in the working space. 

The horizontal laminar flow offers the highest product protection possible in an open system. It makes them particularly suitable for the handling of non-hazardous products, sensitive to dust and or contamination. Examples are injectable medicines, cell and tissue cultures, food sample preparation for sterility testing, micromechanics, optics and electronics.

The units features, options and accessories are well suited to hospital, control laboratories and life science environments.

Telstar Biological Safety Cabinet Horizontal Laminar Flow

  • Cabinet frame is made of epoxy powder coated finish zinctec steel
  • Minimised width and height are compatible with all laboratory doors and dimensions
  • Easy access to main filter from the chamber, for replacement
  • Removable tempered glass chamber sides
  • Polished stainless steel one piece working tray