Opira is opening a new office in Melbourne

Opira has a fifteen-year history in the Australian market – first established in Brisbane and with offices in Perth, we have now expanded operations in Victoria. 

Opira Victoria will be headed by technical manager Tim Mundy, who will lead the company’s technical operations and specialist NATA accredited testing and decontamination services for laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals, industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

“We welcome Tim to the Opira team and we’re excited to take on new projects in Victoria. Tim brings over 20 years’ experience in testing critical environments and having worked on local projects for Walter Eliza Hall Institute, Department of Biochemistry at Monash University and Monash Medical Centre, he’ll bring a wealth of knowledge to the team,” said Opira managing director, Scott Summerville.

Commenting on the new role and offering, Tim noted the Opira culture of compliance and education, it’s our goal to educate customers about critical standards and ensure customers have a practical understanding of their requirements. We want to set a new benchmark in the quality of services delivered in the industry.

The specialist knowledge in product trends and industry best practice across HVAC hygiene and duct inspection, indoor air quality control, airborne particle counting, UV light for air and surface sterilisation and makes Opira the perfect partner for mechanical contractors.

“For many of our clients indoor air quality control isn’t a luxury. In lab environments and hospitals, when lives are on the line, regular inspection and testing of air quality and or associated equipment such as biological safety cabinets and operating theatres is essential. It’s important to educate our customers about new products, industry trends and changes to standards so that they have the capability to build optimum business policy and procedure.

“We’re seeing a paradigm shift in the commercial market, it’s a really exciting time for the industry as we’re starting to see meaningful impacts of predictive maintenance and sustainable architecture in examples like 222 Exhibition Street. Environments like office buildings, multi-residential, shopping centres and high-rise buildings, as well as schools have large numbers of people where poor indoor air quality can have a significant burden on the health of the occupants and the building performance.

“It’s important to consider the far-reaching impacts improved air quality has for our clients. Lowering infection and readmission rates in hospitals, improving accuracy in clinical testing environments and sustainable, efficient running of buildings, for example, all have trickle-down benefits for the wider community. Tim said.

Opira now has NATA accredited technicians working across Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria. We're preferred agents for Sanuvox ultraviolet light sterilisation systems for air and surface treatment, Climet particle counters and microbial samplers and Biobase laminar flow equipment and biological safety cabinets.

Opira Victoria is located at: 25 Graham Road, Clayton South, VIC 3169.

For all product and service enquiries call (toll free) 1300 157 969