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Opira offers indoor air quality management plans

For the last 14 years our scientific team have been conducting indoor air quality audits on an a range of buildings—from high rise commercial properties, universities, research facilities, shopping centres and museums to hospitals, biological containment research facilities, police forensic labs and industrial buildings.

One thing we have learnt from experience is that no two facilities are the same.

The engineering is different, the available budgets are different, the risks are different.

At Opira we can draft indoor air quality management policy, training and procedures to fit your needs at a surprisingly low cost.

We have implemented Indoor Air Quality Management Plans at a number of Universities, Hospitals and commercial properties.

If you'd like to know more we can even put you in touch with a number of large facilities that have adopted these processes.

Click here to contact Scott Summerville, or call 0409 332 461, for an obligation free proposal for your facility.