Biobase Ductless Fume Hoods



Ductless fume hoods, sometimes called carbon-filtered enclosures or filtered fume hoods, are self-contained, filtered laboratory enclosures that remove hazardous fumes, vapours and particles from the laboratory.

The Biobase range of ductless fume hoods feature:

  • Designed and manufactured to comply with AS 2252.6-2011 Controlled environments Clean workstations - Design, installation and use
  • LED display - digital with Airflow levels
  • Water and gas taps and water sink
  • Foot switch to adjust the height of front window
  • Observation window, the transparent side glass windows maximise light and visibility inside the cabinet
  • Back side air compensation - to avoid turbulence in work area
  • UV lamp for sterilisation
  • Adjustable air speed: 9 levels

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