Biobase Free-standing UV Air Sterliser



Biobase’s Free-Standaing UV Air Steriliser is suitable for dynamic indoor air disinfection in class II, III and IV environments, including: healthcare and hospital facilities, residential areas, schools, food and beverage manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical factories, and other public places.

The Biobase Free-Standing UV Air Steriliser features:
  • Large LCD display and touch panel operation.
  • Timer function – for UV lamp cumulative use.
  • Built-in high brightness display, long life, ozone-free,
  • U-type UV lamp.
  • Single chip microcomputer control – stable and reliable.
  • Infrared remote control
  • Automatic detection and display indoor air quality. When the air pollution index exceeds the standard, it will automatically start-up and purify.
  • Top and bottom air inlet /outlet. The silent fan circulates air and prevents the air from blowing directly on the user.
  • High-quality mirror reflectors to enhance the radiation intensity of ultraviolet lamp and improve the sterilisation efficiency.
  • Automatic fault alarm function: UV lamp tube, motor, negative ion, plasma and O3 
  • Programmable options – within 24 hours 4 periods of disinfection can be set with memory function

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