Climet Particle Counters

Title: cix-70


Opira recommends the climet range of airborne particle counters.
Known for their high accuracy and reliability, the climet series of instruments are the leaders in airborne particle monitoring for cleanrooms, validation and certification.

With dozens of patents in the field of particle counting and microbial sampling, climet has set the standard in cleanroom environmental monitoring. Climet has pioneered the manufacture of numerous design and engineering innovations.

The climet laser diodes provide the optimal combination of long life, stability, and resolution that give the instruments unparalleled accuracy and assurance. The iso 21501-4 standard for size resolution is <15%. And, once again, climet well exceeds the iso standard with 4% to 10% (typical).

Climet particle counters are distinctively the most accurate and reliable instruments available on the market today. Built to last twice as long as the competition (or more). Where others simply try to achieve the iso standard, climate innovate a new standard.

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