NATA Asbestos Testing



If you think you may have asbestos on your property Opira can assist with asbestos testing in a NATA approved laboratory.

Opira’s skilled technicians provide a full range of asbestos testing and asbestos survey services throughout the Australian and Pacific Regions, with branch offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

If you'd prefer to collect asbestos samples we can organise NATA asbetos testing in an approved laboratory. If you're concerned about collecting or identifying asbestos on-site we are also available to conduct on-site asbestos surveys to determine potential sources of asbestos in your building. 

Upon engagement, we issue a fully-documented asbestos test report that includes details of the test procedures and equipment used, analysis of asbestos test data. Where appropriate, we also report any remedial and/or preventative recommendations for future action.

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