Sanuvox Asept1x – UV Surface Sterilisation System



The ASEPTIX takes surface disinfection to the next level by continually disinfecting one of the most contaminated & problematic areas of a medical facility that may contribute to HAIs—the bathroom.

Completely automated with features such as safety door switches and two infra-red motion detectors, the ASEPTiX will only operate in an unoccupied bathroom irradiating high-touch areas with high-intensity UVC germicidal light. The Sanuvox Aseptix1 can be mounted to a wall or ceiling and is capable of achieving up to a 6 log reduction on contaminants such as MRSA, C.difficile & VRE.

  • Disinfects without contact and without chemical product
  • Sterilizes all surfaces that are regularly touched by patients, visitors and hospital staff
  • Destroys pathogens responsible for nosocomial diseases
  • Reduces the risk of airborne contamination
  • Comes with 3-year warranty on ballast and 1-year warranty on lamps 

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