Sanuvox Biowall – UV Air Sterilisation System

Size: BioWall18


Sanuvox Biowall

The Sanuvox Biowall is a UV air sterilization system that sits inside your air duct. The air is sterilized as it flows past 5 high-intensity UVC lamps. These lamps are mounted to a patented anodized aluminium parabolic reflector that improves lamp effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Destroys up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants. We can build BioWall combinations to suit specific kill-times and target different strains of virus, bacteria, mould or fungi.
  • Completes the work of filters by sterilising what goes through them
  • No addition to pressure losses
  • Ensures continuous air quality
  • Reduces odours and chemical contaminants
  • The BioWall control box is equipped with dry contacts for BMS
  • Touch screen for unit real time operational status
  • Option for remote ballast box - track the status of the UV lamps without opening duct

To help you choose the correct UV in-duct sterlization products Opira can model the UV exposure time and intensity against recommended kill-times for specific strains of bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi.

We rely on modeling software to calculate the sterilization requirements based on the duct dimensions and the airflow conditions in your building. Simply request a quote for the Sanuvox Biowall and we can walk you through all the details. 

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