Sanuvox UV Surface Sterilisation - ASEPT.1X MAX



The Sanuvox ASEPT.1X MAX unit pushes the limits of ultraviolet surface disinfection by automatically disinfecting patient bathrooms in hospitals, dental and medical offices, which are a well-known reservoir of nosocomial diseases.

Completely automated, the ASEPT.1X MAX unit includes infrared motion sensors and magnetic door detector. This allows the unit to only operate when no one is in the room, for 5 minutes disinfection cycles after each use.

  • Destroys 99.99% of pathogens responsible for nosocomial diseases
  • Faster cycle time: less than 5 minute disinfection cycle after each visit in the room
  • No human intervention necessary: fully automated disinfection for rooms
  • Modular design to facilitate optimal installation
  • Easy to service for longer lifespan

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