Sanuvox Aseptix Mobile UV Sterilisation


Opira is Australia's leading distributor of Sanuvox Aseptix mobile UV disinfection systems

UVC germicidal energy is effective at penetrating the cellular membrane of the microorganism causing irreparable damage to the DNA resulting in the sterilisation of the microorganism.

Conventional mobile/room UV disinfection systems are effective but require several positionings within a room to lessen the chances of 'shadow areas' which block the sterilising qualities of the UVC light. In doing so, time and resouces are spent moving the system around the area and in some cases preparing the room for additional treatments.

The Sanuvox Aseptix2 Mobile UV Disinfection System utilises a primary and secondary unit that communicate wirelessly with each other to disinfect a conventional patient room in under ten minutes.

Sanuvox Aseptix2 UV mobile units

Aseptix2 Mobile UV Disinfection System

  • Eight high-intensity UVC germicidal lamps
  • Easy to maneuver hand-rails with four integrated infrared motion detectors
  • Locking castor wheels
  • Retractable power cords
  • Built in web server
  • Built in FTP server hosting the instructions and service manuals
  • Wireless multi-unit communication between primary and secondary
  • Wifi capability: mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets can access the server to control or monitor operation
  • Upgradable software
  • Data logging