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SANUVOX: UV coil and air sterilization systems

SANUVOX ultraviolet sterilisation systems for coils have several benefits:

  • They destroy mould and bio-film on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas;
  • They limit the spread of bio-contaminants distributed by the HVAC systems;
  • They help to maintain peak system efficiency;
  • They lower energy costs;
  • They reduce conventional coil cleaning; and
  • They eliminate biological “blow off” that can be introduced into a building or facility as a result of a contaminated coil.

SANUVOX IL Coil clean object purifiers for HVAC coils utilise patented technology to focus the maximum UV energy on any surface. The patented anodised aluminium parabolic reflector serves two purposes:

  1. Redirects the maximum amount of UV energy produced by the lamp onto the coil surface, requiring less or shorter lamps and fixtures,
  2. Protects the UV lamp from fouling.

In operation prolonged exposure to UV radiation will keep the air conditioning coil clean and free of bio-contaminants, including viruses, fungi, bacteria & biofilm that may grow on the coil. Maintaining a coil free of microbial growth will maximize the efficiency of coil heat transfer and reduce the hours of operation of the compressors, resulting in lower energy costs.

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