UV light, air and surface treatment


UV energy is electromagnetic radiation and has a wavelength shorter than visiable light.

UVC is a wavelength within the UV light range of 280 to 200 nm which has been found to be the most effective wavelength for germicidal control.

UVC energy breaks the DNA of microorganisms disabling them from being harmful. UVC used in HVAC systems and in varying environments is an engineered control that can interrupt pathogen transition and growth, this includes viruses, mould and even bioterrorism agents. The end result is a cleaner and safer quality of air and HVAC equipment. Sanuvoux have designed systems to achieve these while potentially allowing for energy savings. Sanuvoux products have a waranty of 2 years on all UV lamps and 15 year warranty on the ballasts, no other UVC manufacturer can claim the quality provided with Sanuvoux products.

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