Vertical laminar air flow cabinets

Opira recommends the Telstar vertical range of Laminar Flow Cabinets

This series of laminar flow cabinets deliver clean laminar airflows over working surfaces. The range includes vertical, horizontal and mini options.

Read on to explore the range, or contact Opira to learn more about the Telstar series of Laminar Flow Cabinets.

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Telstar V-100 V-30/70 Vertical Laminar Flow Benches

Telstar V-100 V-30/70 Vertical Laminar Flow Benches

ISO 4 air quality (Class 10, FS 209B)

Two models are offered in this series.

Telstar Biological Safety Cabinet Vertical Laminar Flow

Vertical Laminar Flow Benches: V-100

Recommended for the handling of non-hazardous biological samples (cell and tissue culture) as well as for optics and electronics.

The unit is provided with one HEPA-14 filter for the downflow, allowing operation in sterile and particle free conditions due to the continuous flushing of the working area by a unidirectional vertial and ultra filtered air flow, assuring full product protection. The flow is partially recirculated to keep the working chamber under negative pressure. Inflow at the front access of the cabinet provides basic user protection against splashes and odours.

Vertical Laminar Flow Benches with Containment: V-30/70 

These units include containment and deliver an ultra clean laminar airflow over a working bench to protect manipulated products from dust, environmental and cross contamination in the working area. The product and user protection is increased by applying identical principles as those used for Telstar Class II BioSafety Cabinets*, and have the same number and quality of HEPA-14 filters.

All over pressure zones are surrounded by under negative pressure to prevent any leak back into the room or the clean zones of the cabinet. An additional air flow enters from the front to create an air barrier which brings protection to both the operator and the lab environment.

The unit is provided with two HEPA-14 filters. One for the downflow and another for the exhaust. 70% of the air is recirculated thus minimising filter clogging. The other 30% is expelled through HEPA-14 filter at the top of the unit. 

*This unit is not a replacement for a Class II BSC