Sanuvox IL CoilClean – UV Air Sterilisation System



UV Surface sterilisation - preventing bio-film and mould growth on cooling coils and high risk areas in HVAC ducts.

Condensation, humidity and temperature make cooling coils are ideal breeding grounds for mould, fungi and bacteria and as a result they are often the source of problems with indoor air quality. When bio-contaminants build up on the surfaces of the coil they can also restrict airflow and reduce the efficient transfer of heat.

Sanuvox’s UV CoilClean IL uses patented technology incorporating high-intensity UVC germicical lamps and aluminum parabolic reflectors.

Just like the headlights of a car, Coil Clean IL uses reflectors to direct light to where it’s most needed. The reflectors are built from lightweight aluminum - it’s one of the most reflective materials available - maximising UV efficiency and intensity. The CoilClean IL is designed to direct virtually 100% of the UVC energy onto the coil - this maximizes the efficiency of the unit and extends product life, as well as protecting the lamps against fouling.

To help you choose the correct UV coil cleaning products Opira can model the UV exposure time and intensity against recommended kill-times for specific strains of bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi.

We rely on modeling software to calculate the sterilization requirements based on the coil dimensions, distance the light is from the coil and the airflow conditions in your building. Simply request a quote and we can walk you through all the details.

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